• Jennie Johnson

Welcome to the New Retirement Atlas

It's no surprise that the past 18 months haven't gone according to plan, for us, or anyone else in the senior living industry (or the whole world for that matter). When the shut downs began, we watched in helplessness and horror as Covid-19 ripped through senior communities everywhere.

However, as with most things, the tragedy was not precisely the same in every community it touched. Some of the measures we have always promoted, like staffing ratios and turnover, really did say something about whether a community was likely to keep an outbreak contained. Staff paid and treated well enough to be continuously employed by a single community made a difference. Obviously, bad luck played a major role in who was overrun and who was spared, but the outcomes were not entirely random.

It is with this reality in mind that we decided to change our business model. Giving families truly independent recommendations is just too important for the shades of grey involved in selling leads and marketing opportunities as we and our competitors have done in the past. The new Retirement Atlas charges families directly for our services, the same way a good financial advisor would. Anyone offering their services for free is getting paid by someone else, and we just couldn't stand behind that after the year we've had.

The new Retirement Atlas is an independent consulting company helping seniors and their families make good choices about where to go for senior living. Our recommendations are still powered by best in class data about community safety and quality. We are still here to help you discover safest communities, that fit your budget, and provide the best quality of life, and we hope to hear from you soon!

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