• Jennie Johnson

Finding Pet Friendly Senior Housing

Updated: Apr 26

What are we going to do with the dog?

One of the most common questions we hear from seniors and their loved ones when looking at senior living communities is “Can I bring my pet?”. This makes sense, pets are part of our modern families. Particularly for seniors whose children have grown up and out of the house, pets can be a crucial component of a fulfilling life, providing consistent love and support, and a sense of being needed. The thought of moving without them is often devastating, and a serious barrier to transitioning to a home that better accommodates your changing needs.

Fortunately, many senior communities today are pet friendly. This means that you can bring your pet with you, or sometimes even acquire new pets after you’ve moved in. Be sure to look carefully at the pet policy of any community you are considering. Many have restrictions on breed or size, or allow only cats. Also verify that pets are welcome at the level of care you need. Some communities allow pets in independent living apartments, but not personal care or assisted living.

At Retirement Atlas, we can help you identify which communities near you are pet friendly. Schedule a free 15 minute consultation today, and take the first step towards your new home, with all of your family in tow.

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